Unboxing Their Imaginations At Lockhart

James Ciccio carried around the radio he built like a boom box.
(Photo courtesy of the Massapequa School District)

What’s a better way to think outside of the box then transforming a box? That was the challenge for fourth-grade students in the Magnet program at Lockhart Elementary School in the Massapequa School District, who had to turn ordinary cardboard boxes into anything they imagined.

Lockhart Elementary School Magnet and STEAM teacher Joanne Markowski checked in on Madaline Kaiser who turned a cardboard box into a Jeep. (Photo courtesy of the Massapequa School District)

Magnet and STEAM teacher Joanne Markowski said that the activity began by reading Not a Box by Antoniette Portis. From there, each student looked as his or her cardboard box as a blank canvas. They transformed boxes into objects such as cars, couches and radios, and landmarks such as the Empire State Building and Mount Everest. One student used an extra-large box and made a doghouse.



Nicholas Cordero made a replica of the Empire State Building while Emma Rudolph built a dog house from cardboard boxes.
(Photo courtesy of the Massapequa School District)

Markowski said that the goal of the activity was to help students think creatively and use their imaginations, no matter what task they are asked to complete in life.

—Submitted by the Massapequa School District

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