Town Offers No Soliciting Stickers To Residents


Oyster Bay Town Clerk Richard LaMarca recently announced that residents who wish to deter any potential door-to-door solicitors and peddlers can obtain a free, waterproof, vinyl ‘No Soliciting’ sticker through the town clerk’s office.

While nonprofit organizations are not required by law to have permits, LaMarca has urged these organizations to inform his office about when and where their members will be soliciting, with the information then forwarded to the local police precinct, along with the solicitor’s names. This provides residents with another way of checking any official status a solicitor may have. To obtain a free, waterproof, vinyl ‘No Soliciting’ sticker, call 516-624-6333, and visit the for further information on services offered by the Oyster Bay Town Clerk.

—Submitted by the Town of Oyster Bay

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