Town Demolishes Dangerous Zombie House


Oyster Bay Town Supervisor Joseph Saladino today joined with colleagues and town highway and building officials to commence the demolition of a long-dilapidated zombie home in Massapequa. The longtime eyesore was recently court-granted for demolition following multiple complaints from neighbors in the community.

Town of Oyster Bay Supervisor Joseph Saladino (second from right) with the crew set to tear down a Massapequa zombie house
(Photo courtesy of the Town of Oyster Bay)

“We are so pleased to rid yet another community of this dilapidated zombie home.  Following months of unanswered notices of violation, many resident complaints and multiple property cleanups, this property will no longer be an eyesore in the community,” Saladino said.

The town received court permission to fully inspect the property six months ago after numerous code violations issued upon the property owner went unanswered. The building was found to be in very poor condition, with overgrown vegetation, excessive wear on the roof, trash strewn both inside and out, rotting walls, odors and overall unsanitary conditions. Upon the town’s survey, a request was made to the court to proceed with demolition and the court granted the request.

“Our residents care deeply about their neighborhoods and shouldn’t have to bear the burden of a house in such deplorable conditions,” Councilman Lou Imbroto said.  “The Town of Oyster Bay has been aggressively combating zombie homes through our Quality of Life Task Force, which has successfully resulted in the demolition of 12 derelict properties in just two years. We will continue our rigorous efforts to protect our communities and do what’s right by our residents.”

“The town board takes quality of life concerns seriously and time and time again have kept our promises to protect our residents,” Councilman Tom Hand said. “Working together, we will continue to safeguard our neighborhoods and protect our taxpayers.”

— Submitted by the Town of Oyster Bay

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