The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year?


Ah, it’s the holiday season. The time for decorations, cheery music, and of course, spending too much time and money making sure the young ones get all the gEditorial Featured Imageifts they ask for, as well as some socks and underwear for practicality sake.

As we hang up signs that say things like “Peace On Earth” and “Joy,” many of us are far from those sentiments due to the growing wish lists and “demands” of the season. It’s a 25-day whirlwind of tinsel and wrapping paper, and the next thing you know you’re packing up the tree and wondering where the year and all your money went.

This isn’t a new thing. Everyone knows the holiday season is always busy, yet every year we grit our teeth and bear it, all in the name of holiday cheer. I often find myself at the start of December saying that Christmas Eve won’t find me in a crowded mall frantically searching for last-minute gifts; yet every year, Dec. 24 usually finds me unleashing my inner Scrooge as I trek from store to store to find that perfect present that no one will remember by the time next year rolls around.

And true to form, here I am again, at the start of another December, saying this year will be different. And for some reason, this time, I’m putting my resolution into print so it can haunt me like the ghosts of Christmas past.

To be honest, having a “merry Christmas” or “happy holiday” almost seems a bit too idealistic. There’s so much to do! Life isn’t a Hallmark movie! But on the other hand, I am a bit of an optimist so here I go again. And I’m guessing at least some of you reading this, need to join me in this resolution, to make this year different; not marked by stressful shopping experiences and rushing from one event to the next, but all the sentiments those very pretty signs say it should be about: joy, peace, hope, you get the picture.

Here’s to hoping that this year is different; not marked by how many gifts we got on sale but time spent with loved ones and bringing joy to others. And more than anything, here’s to hoping I don’t see you at the mall on Christmas Eve.


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Betsy Abraham is the former senior managing editor at Anton Media Group and editor of The Westbury Times and Massapequa Observer. She also wrote for Long Island Weekly.

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