Senate Passes Tax Exemptions For Active Duty Military

Senator John Brooks (middle) with active members of the military after passing several pieces of veteran-friendly legislation, including a tax exemption bill he sponsored.
(Photo courtesy of the Office of Senator John Brooks)

The New York State Senate recently unanimously passed multiple bills that expanded on veterans’ benefits. Included in the package is a bill sponsored by Senator John Brooks that adds property tax exemptions for active duty military.

“We owe veterans a debt of gratitude that can never truly be repaid,” said Brooks, who represents parts of Massapequa. “Helping these heroes rejoin civilian life is a top priority for me, my committee and the entire senate majority.”

Brooks, who is a veteran himself, feels that men and women volunteering overseas should be afforded benefits in recognition of their heroic service and willingness to make the ultimate sacrifice for their country.

“I am proud that the bills advanced through my committee and passed by the Senate today will help our service members and their families,” said Brooks. “We will keep working to provide essential services, benefits and support to the men and women who defended our nation as members of the armed forces.”

The legislation was passed on the annual 10th Mountain Division and Fort Drum Day, which honors the contributions made by the men and women of the North Country’s military installation to the region and state.

“We must do our part to support active-duty service members as they serve our country,” said Senator Kevin Thomas, who also represents parts of Massapequa. “This bill recognizes the invaluable contributions and sacrifices made by our military personnel by providing financial relief to them and their families.”

Other bills passed by the Senate include expanding licensed veterans employment, establishing a toll-free help and crisis line, increasing the tax exemption if two veterans live in the same household, allowing full-time undergraduate students at state-run institutions to get academic credit for their military service, eliminating the provision that a veteran must serve in a time of war to receive credits for civil service and allowing military voters to vote in school district election by returning absentee ballots over postal mail. The New York State Assembly will vote on these bills next.

“I am proud that the senate has acted on this legislation to ensure the security of our service members at home, so they can ensure ours abroad,” Thomas said.

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