Parking Fines


County Executive Ed Magnano’s proposed parking and traffic ticket surcharges of $105 are an outrage and a disgrace. He piously claims the funds are sorely neLetter to the Editor Featured Imageeded for the County Police Department while at the same time he’s been handing out no-bid contracts at just under the $25,000 threshhold for legislative approval. Meanwhile, the Nassau County Interim Finance Authority, our financial watchdog agency, is ever oblivious.

Adding $105 to the schedule of fines will bring some violations in the Town of North Hempstead to more than $400! Most parking violations will cost $240. Just being at an expired meter will sock you shy of $200. Imagine, 200 bucks because you tarried at the barbershop for an additional five minutes or lingered a bit over lunch at one of the restaurants on Main Street.

And how is this going to help our local merchants? It will be just one more disincentive to shop in Port.

The AAA points out that funding police operations from ticket revenue can lead to a loss of public confidence in the very agency that is responsible for public safety. It also sets up a huge potential conflict of interest.

This is really an abuse of the entire community.

—Sam Glasser

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