Letter To The Editor: Where Are Our Leaders?


Legislators Kennedy and Rose recently held a bail reform seminar in Massapequa with Nassau County Police Commissioner Patrick Ryder and Lt. Brian Sullivan (president of the Nassau Correction Officers Benevolent Association), who had valuable information for the community concerning our safety. I was the one who brought to [the media’s] attention to the shooting that took place on Oct. 28, where two men from the Bloods gang unloaded 24 bullets with semiautomatic guns in 28 seconds into my innocent neighbor’s home trying to kill a man who bought drugs from them. Any of us could have been killed that night. These same people have been arrested and released subsequently and have shot up three more homes injuring three people including a child yet they get charged and released on reckless endangerment. Where was the Dream Team still sleeping because they weren’t at that meeting? Both sides running took no interest in our safety and welfare, yet they are walking distance from our neighborhood from the village hall. But they all came campaigning down our streets. Just for the record I am the only candidate who is self-funding and not owned by a political party. Both Pearl and Spinosa are appointees of former mayor Altadonna, a recipient of health care for life. I am the only candidate requiring term limits putting an end to this abuse of taxpayer dollars and working hard to keep the community safe.

Dr. Cynthia Paulis
Mayoral candidate for Massapequa Park

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