Letter: Say No To SeaQuest


Why haven’t Oyster Bay officials slammed the door shut on SeaQuest?

Parents who are trying to teach their children about the importance of treating animals with respect and kindness do not want SeaQuest in town. Jamming sea life into cramped and dirty tanks and allowing the public to harass them is something kind people condemn.

Animals in touch tanks are bombarded with groping hands and they often die due to the stress and other causes. Just recently, a stingray was found dead in a SeaQuest tank in California, even though that location has only been open a few weeks. Children were reportedly touching the ray’s dead body.

My family believes that animals are here for their own pursuits and purposes, and that they don’t deserve to be exploited for profit.

Given all that is known about the trail of pain and suffering SeaQuest has left wherever it goes, Oyster Bay officials must deny the application that would allow SeaQuest to build in the Massapequa Sunrise Mall.

— Alisha Armellini

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