Holidays Inspire Creativity At Unqua

Unqua Elementary School fourth graders made stories and videos about being trapped inside of snow globes as a holiday writing assignment.
(Photo courtesy of the Massapequa School District)

The holidays are generating a lot of excitement at Unqua Elementary School in the Massapequa School District, and it has nothing to do with the prospect of presents. Children are using the opportunity to showcase their creativity and get a little smarter, too.

Fourth graders infused technology into a creative writing project. Students wrote pieces based on the prompt, “If I were trapped in a snow globe.” They then used We Video and green screen technology to create short videos in which they acted out their stories. The final component for each student was a printed copy that included the story, a photo  of him or herself inside a snow globe and a QR code that linked to the video when scanned with a smartphone.

First graders Erica Antico and Jack Burke filled out elf applications.
(Photo courtesy of the Massapequa School District)

In Leslie Flemming’s first-grade class, students filled out applications to be elves. Each student traced, cut and glued red and green construction paper to make the elf’s body, then added his or her face. The application included questions such as if the child was naughty or nice, can follow directions and can work well with others. They also had to write sentences stating why they would be good hires.

Kindergartners completed several creative holiday-themed projects.(Photo courtesy of the Massapequa School District)

Kindergartners created several different projects, including making Christmas trees and menorahs out of construction paper to work on their fine motor skills. They also completed writing assignments on “What would you do if Santa got caught in the chimney,” wrote sentences about elves to learn about word sequencing and sentence structure and made creations after reading The Gingerbread Man.


-Submitted by the Massapequa School District

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