Getting Better Acquainted At Lockhart


Although students in Katelyn Mulvey’s class at Lockhart Elementary School in the Massapequa School District have been together for two years, theylockhart-two-of-us wanted to get to know each other a little better.

This is second year Mulvey has taught the same group of students, now third-graders, and decided to split the class into groups of two asking them to dig deeper into themselves. They created large colorful Venn diagrams, which are two interlocking circles. In the middle, the students wrote items that they agreed on, and on each side wrote things that make them different. This included personality traits, hobbies and likes, such as their favorite colors and sports teams. The bottom of each “All About the Two of Us” poster included a picture of two students.

Mulvey said that Venn diagrams are a common tool in her classroom for comparing and contrasting, and she uses them frequently in science, social studies and reading. “If you learn how to do it properly, it lends itself to any subject,” she said. “The students did a fantastic job on these.”

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