Finding Their Outlet

Ames Campus library media specialist Evangeline King and Maker’s Club co-president Alyssa Buback showed some of the projects that were made using a 3-D pen.

The library at Massapequa High School’s Ames Campus is full of activity many days after school, but not for reasons typically associated with a library. The Library Maker’s Club allows ninth-graders to explore their creativity using both emerging technology and some classic resources.

Library media specialist Evangeline King said that the most popular tools are the 3-D printer and 3-D pens. Students can use modeling software Tinkercad and SketchUp to create designs on the computer and see them come to life with the 3-D printer. Tyler George, the co-president of Maker’s Club, made blue and gold Massapequa lanyard charms.

The 3-D pen allows students to draw and make three-dimensional objects. Co-president Alyssa Buback has made a turtle, bird and jewelry, among other items. Members of the club also made several holiday decorations. Buback explained that people can either use 3Doodler templates—she has been working on a replica of the Eiffel Tower —or draw freehand.

“I love to be creative,” Buback said, adding that she enjoys learning how to use different tools. She added that getting a project just right requires trial and error.

Many students express their creativity in simpler ways. The whiteboard tables are popular gathering spots as participants come in, grab a marker and draw whatever comes to mind.

King said that while the club officially meets every other week, many students take advantage of the library’s after-school hours to use the different tools. Some take part in Maker’s Club because they find it relaxing, while others want to learn more about technology that is becoming more commonplace.

“It’s the cutting-edge stuff; it’s modern and new,” King said. “They’re drawn to this and they know this is this future and the technology that they will experience.”

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