Athlete of the Week: Stacy Eager

Eager was voted to the all-county team and helped her team win the Nassau County championship.
(Photo courtesy of
Massapequa High School)

Stacy Eager, a sophomore, has been bowling since a young age. Around second grade, she joined a league with her sister, Christy, and she immediately fell in love with the sport.

“We used to go twice a week on the weekends and bowl against other schools,” said Eager. “Last year, I started doing Massapequa [High School] bowling because my sister did it 10th through 12th grade. She told me about it and how she loved it so much so I joined my freshman year.”

Eager has had a standout season in her second year with the Chiefs, being voted on to the all-county team and leading her high school team to their first ever Nassau County title. She also qualified for the individual tournament.

“I love playing for this team because of the connection we have with everybody,” said Eager. “We have so much fun laughing and bowling at the same time. It’s so great. I’ve made so many friends on this team even beyond my own grade.”

Even though she prefers putting distance between herself and her opponent, Eager enjoys the close matches she has played in during the season, regardless of how stressful. She also has played well under pressure. In the county tournament, she averaged over 150 points to capture the victory.

The only downside to getting the team title in addition to getting into the individual tournament is that Eager would have to choose between competing individually or with her team. She decided to stay loyal to her teammates and go to Syracuse with them, especially with how exhilarating it was to win as a unit.

“When we won, I was the last one to bowl,” said Eager. “Looking up at the board for my 10th frame and seeing how we already won, I just didn’t care about the last one. I still tried my hardest but I knew at that point everyone was crying behind me. I didn’t want to look because I wanted to finish the game.”

Head Coach Steve Donovan, who is also a physical education teacher at East Lake Elementary School, said how incredibly proud he is to see Eager play the way she has over the course of the winter.

“Stacy has been improving steadily all season, accomplishing her goal of making All County, as well as helping her team capture their first Nassau County Title,” said Donovan. “I am very proud of the entire team and look forward to representing Nassau County Section 8 up in Syracuse for the Finals.”

“Coach Donovan has taught me so much,” said Eager. “He helped me a lot in my first year in telling me what to do. He got me fitted to my own ball right away. He’s been really good and it shows with how well I’ve done in bowling.”

Eager was incredibly influenced by her sister last year while the two were on the team together before Christy graduated, and her drive to get better continued this year as she became among the best on the team. With a bright future ahead, she will look to improve as a bowler while also encouraging others to join her team.

“This year, we’re actually losing a lot of seniors,” said Eager. “If there is anyone that wants to bowl, come join.”

For now, the focus will be on March 8 when Massapequa will be competing for a state title.

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