Assemblyman LiPetri Pushes For ‘Death By Dealer’ Statute

Assemblyman Mike LiPetri of Massapequa calling for the passage of the ‘Death By Dealer’ act, which would charge drug dealers with homicide if they illegally sold an opiate controlled substance and the individual who purchased it dies from that substance.
(Photo courtesy of Assemblyman Mike LiPetri’s office)

Assemblyman Mike LiPetri of Massapequa held a press conference at his office in Massapequa Park recently calling for the passage of “Laree’s Law,” which is also known as the “Death by Dealer” statute. Teri Kroll, a community activist, who lost her son due to drug addiction, spoke at the event as well.

If enacted, it would charge an individual with homicide if they illegally sell an opiate controlled substance to a person who later dies from its use. The bipartisan legislation, labeled as A.3902 in the state Assembly, passed in the state Senate last year and is currently awaiting action in the Codes Committee.

“I was proud to join in solidarity with law enforcement, community activists and local elected officials to send a message to drug dealers—watch out, we’re coming for you,” said LiPetri. “Currently, a person who sells an illicit drug resulting in the user’s death can only be charged with criminal sale of a controlled substance. We are taking a strong stance against drug dealers, and I will continue to champion this legislation in hopes it passes in the Assembly.”

LiPetri, who was also joined by other local leaders such as Nassau County Police Commissioner Patrick Ryder, Town of Oyster Bay Supervisor Joseph Saladino and Councilman Steve Labriola, stressed that the community must do what they can to help those who have gone down the path of using drugs to cope with health issues. He hopes that the state will consider preventive and post-treatment recovery to help addicts.

“There are criminals, who exploit victims every day who are suffering from substance use disorders, and the dealers are literally getting away with murder—an unacceptable outcome,” said LiPetri. “These criminals will no longer be allowed to pray on our communities, shattering families and cutting lives short. I thank Commissioner Ryder, Teri Kroll and all the other elected officials and community members who joined us.”

For more information on the bill, visit and search “A3902.”

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