Appreciating Art At Ames


Hundreds of colorful two- and three-dimensional pieces adorned the Massapequa High School Ames Campus library for the annual art show on May 31.

Ninth-grade artists showcased the different projects they have been working on throughout the year under the guidance of art teachers Beth Adler, Tildy Becker-DeLuca and Suzanne Perakakis. Art classes offered at Ames include Studio in Art, Studio in Art New Media and Creative Crafts.

Display boards were filled with self-portrait drawings, paintings of food, animals and nature, and sketches of backpacks, and tables were covered in 3D projects including tie-dyed hats, painted masks and park plan models. Many projects included a digital component. Art show visitors were able to view student-made stop motion movies on iPads.

Student Juliana Dispigno said she enjoyed mixed media projects. She drew animal eyes creating part of the project digitally, and the rest using graphite and colored pencils.

“It was really fun using the iPads,” she said. “It was different from traditional art and we learned how to use different apps to draw.”

Ryan Rosenfeld added that he enjoyed seeing the variety of different projects on display at the art show and looking at the work made by his fellow ninth graders. In reflecting on the year, what most stood out for Rosenfeld was greater freedom in choosing how to complete each assignment.

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