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Dear Neighbors,

My name is Frank Ranelli. I have been a resident of Massapequa Park for nine years. Together, my wife and I have raised our son here. During this February’s Special Election for Nassau County Legislature, I will be voting for Joseph A. Stufano, Sr. I’d like to take a few moments to tell you why.

First and foremost, like most residents of Massapequa Park, Joe is a parent. Just as his children have always been the focus of his personal life, the residents (especially children) have been the central focus of Joe’s campaign. As a father, I would feel at ease knowing that the candidate I vote for will ensure the safety of all our children.

One way Joe plans to secure our neighborhoods and the safety of our children is by installing security cameras in local parks and playgrounds. As a taxpayer and Massapequa resident for 26 years, Joe understands that great ideas often place great burdens on the tax-paying middle class. Rather than raise taxes to install these cameras, Joe will work to reposition the red light cameras that are already in existence, and place them in areas where they will be more effective in protecting children and community members.

Another way Joe will focus on the safety of our children, as well as the safety of all residents, is by strengthening the police force. By providing the Nassau County Police Department with more funding, our police officers will be granted the budget necessary in order to hire more police officers, and to create a stronger mechanism for police oversight and training. As an Air Force veteran and father, Joe knows that our police officers–and residents–deserve better.

Please join me in supporting Joseph A. Stufano, Sr. for County Legislature on Tuesday, Feb. 24.

Your neighbor,

Frank Ranelli

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