Massapequa Preserve Violation


As an environmentalist and avid runner/hiker who finds peace in the beauty of my natural community preserve, I found it very disturbing that for the past few weeks I have been seeing campaign signs from Brian Butler nailed to trees in the Massapequa Preserve. It is damaging to the trees’ protective bark barrier, leaves litter deposited in the area and is an inappropriate eyesore in a place that is supposed to be serene and tranquil.

When I had asked the campaign (Brian Butler for Massapequa Board of Education page) to please remove these signs, I was told to “call whomever [I] wish,” and it was made clear they did not care to correct the violation. This lack of empathy for our community’s preserve offended me most of all.

I have contacted Nassau County Parks to report the violations. I am reaching out to you in the hopes that this message will be broadcast appropriately to educate and raise awareness of the detriments of these kinds of actions. Small actions such as these add up and negatively affect natural preserves that many people work hard to maintain for future generations to enjoy.

—Monica, a concerned citizen

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