Eighth Graders Interface With Robotics

Seaford students work in groups using Vex IQ kits.

Young engineers at Seaford Middle School are getting a head start on possible careers in the growing robotics field. This year, a new half-year robotics course was launched for all eighth-grade students, which helps fulfill the middle school technology requirement.

Technology teacher Brian Heyanka said that the students work in groups using Vex IQ kits to build more than a half-dozen robots throughout the semester. The robots are equipped with smart sensors to interact with their surroundings.

The robotics course was launched for all eighth-graders.

Students learn engineering and programming skills, and also understand how robots interface with computers. They have to work together to program their robots to perform certain tasks, which requires problem-solving and critical thinking skills. Typically, each student in the group takes the lead on a certain task, such as building and programming, but it requires collaboration among the entire team to have success.

“The students work collaboratively as they are able to figure out real-world solutions,” said Heyanka, adding that he enjoys seeing those “wow” moments when their robots work.
The other half of the full-year technology program is a traditional shop class. Heyanka explained that by making robotics a mandatory part of the technology curriculum, it gives all students an introduction to the field and a chance to possibly find their passion. He said he hopes it sparks an interest so they will take advantage of robotics courses and extracurricular activities at Seaford High School.

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