Car Accident Simulation Warns Teens

Prom season is officially underway. While the girls are dress shopping and the boys are finding creative ways to ask for a date, Massapequa High School iaccident simulation 1s reminding all seniors about the dangers of driving under the influence. [Read more…]

Plainedge Supt. Receives Jersey

Plainedge Hockey Team Presents Jersey to School Superintendent Salina

(Photo courtesy of Andrew Rothstein)

Plainedge School Superintendent Dr. Edward Salina Jr. was presented with a Plainedge Red Devils hockey jersey at a recent school board meeting.

The Plainedge hockey program was launched this year with both a middle school and high school team. Players from those teams presented Salina with the jersey in appreciation for the support given to the teams by the Plainedge School District.

Pictured with the Superintendent are Plainedge players from left: Nicholas Kannavos, Danny Porciello, Blake Rothstein, Timmy Rup, Devin Cleary, Dakota Jones and Justin Horowitz.


McKenna Elementary Turns Into A Wax Museum

The second graders at McKenna Elementary School recently presented a “Living Wax Museum” at their school, where children picked a famous person and dressed like them. Parents visited, tapped a statue and watched history come alive. The children then shared information about themselves as the famous person they picked.

Pictured are: Danielle Cifarelli as Jennifer Marcus the famous baton twirler, Gabriella LaSpisa as Princess Diana, Leah Gerby as Queen Elizabeth and Amanda Kammerdener as Queen Cleopatra. (Photos courtesy of Pebble Cifarelli)

Hitting The Slopes

While the vast majority of people have developed an all-consuming hatred of snow this past winter, it’s safe to say that the frosty substance’s rep may have gotten a bum rap, so to speak.  Slopes_030415A

After all, if you know how to use the snow to your benefit—say, cross country skiing—come the next blizzard, you might even find yourself singing a rousing rendition of “Let It Snow” just like the members of the Long Island Cross Country Ski Club (LICCSC). [Read more…]

April Is ‘Upper Limb Differences Month’

JV & Town Board- Upper Limb Difference Month in the Town

Oyster Bay Town Supervisor John Venditto (front row second from left) and members of the Town Board recently joined Jennifer Quinn, her husband Danny Quinn, and their children Aiden & Wyatt in celebrating April as the “Upper Differences Month.”

Oyster Bay Town Supervisor John Venditto recently announced that the Town of Oyster Bay is joining forces with LIMBtastic in proclaiming the month of April to be “Upper Limb Differences Month.”

Jennifer Quinn, President and Founder of LIMBtastic, was on hand to accept the proclamation, along with her 4-year-old son Aiden, who was born with an upper limb difference and has already had nine surgeries. [Read more…]

The English Manor House

On Tuesday, April 21 at 1 p.m. at the Plainedge Library, Linda Watkin will discuss “The English Manor House: From Downton Abbey and Beyond.”Highclere-Castle-1024x682

Both the upstairs aristocrats and the downstairs servants were interdependent. The English Manor House in the 18th, 19th and early 20th century functioned like a well oiled machine. During this lecture, Linda Watkin will discuss this with examples of life from Highclere Castle (the site of the hit show Downton Abbey).

A DVD and a question and answer period will follow. Free tickets available now, but limited to 40 people.

MHS 5th Annual Career Night


ER Docs Cindy Corbo, PA, Dr. Karen Piccirillo, and Alexandria Cupus with her mom, Sophia. (Photos by Cynthia Paulis)

Massapequa High School has been known for its innovative programs, which have helped propel students into successful careers. One of those programs is the annual career night. [Read more…]

Summer Reading Volunteers Application Due

Just a reminder that interested reading volunteers in the Plainedge School district for the summer must hand in their applications by Friday, April 17.

The Plainedge Library is looking for students entering grades 6 and up in September 2015. No previous library volunteer experience necessary. A volunteer orientation for all applicants, however, is required even if you have volunteered for Summer Reading Clubs before. Community service credit furnished upon request.

For more information, please contact Children’s Services staff at 516-735-4133 ext. 12 or 13 or email

Students Raise Over $400 To Help Cancer Patients

Students at Grace Day School in Massapequa raised over $400 to help patients with leukemia and lymphoma. Under the direction of teacher, Joe Barbato,MoneyForCancer_040815A they participated in a program called “Pennies for Patients,” in which they joined students across the country by collecting pennies, nickels, dimes and quarters over a three-week period.

Their goal was to reach $300, but they were very happy and surprised to learn that they had passed their goal amount by more than 25 percent.
 —Catherine Ferrara

Opt Out Numbers Soar

Yesterday began the first day of several for students to either sit and take the widely criticized state mandated ELA test, or elect to opt out of the exam entireindexly.

According to the Long Island Opt-Out Group, 55 percent of students in the Massapequa School District and a whooping 74 percent of students from the Plainedge School District opted out of taking the state test.

Parents of Massapequa, what did your children do?