Haunted Houses In Massapequa

Hollywood has had a fun and profitable time benefitting from the haunted horrors of Long Island. But did you know that two of these spooky spots are right in your own backyard?


The Massapequa “Hell House” is located at 214 Daniel Rd.
Photo courtesy of geoaching.com

The Massapequa Hell House
Also known as “The Witch House” or “The Satan House” to some, the Massapequa Hell House is a unique Victorian home located at 214 Daniel Rd., in North Massapequa, just off of Hicksville Rd. But what’s the one, tiny detail that separates it from other homes in this quiet residential area, you ask? The house is said to be haunted. [Read more...]

LI Walks To Fight Food Allergies


Mike, Kylie Rose, and Christine Restaino of Massapequa Park walked to support kids like Kylie with food allergies.
(Photos by Chris Boyle)

With serious food-borne allergies striking a near all-time high in the U.S., the frightening issue has been generating a great deal of support in recent years. Nowhere could you find more support for this malady than at Eisenhower Park for the FARE Walk for Food Allergy held on Oct. 25.

Diane Amandola of East Northport is a member of Food Allergy Research and Education (FARE), which is a national organization that raises funds and awareness for those with food allergies. She is also the chairperson and co-founder of the Long Island FARE Walk, an annual two-mile jaunt through Eisenhower Park which is currently celebrating its 10 year anniversary; the money raised is used for education and food allergy research. [Read more...]

Pubs Around Town


Enjoy a drink at the bar decorated with memorabilia from Ireland at Paddy’s Loft Pub in Massapequa. (Photo courtesy of Paddy’s Loft)

With the welcoming autumn chill in the air comes the desire to warm up with a good pint of beer.
Pubs have long been a spot for cozy ambiance and comfort food. Three Massapequa pubs invite you to come across the pond to enjoy the changing seasons, and everyone’s favorite; pumpkin beer.

Paddy’s Loft
1286 Hicksville Rd., Massapequa
Paddy’s Loft is a quintessential Irish pub that will make you feel as if you have stepped off the plane in Ireland. Some of the staff will even greet you with a thick Irish brogue.
Traditional menu staples like fish & chips, shepherd’s pie, bangers & mash are all excellent go-tos, but there’s also a choice of burgers, chicken and seafood dishes that are as big in size as they are in taste. Beer connoisseurs tend to favor a good ole pint of Guinness, but the Black and Tan, a blend of a pale ale and dark stout, is also a favorite.
Stop in for a weekend brunch and order a traditional Irish breakfast of Irish sausage, bacon, eggs, black and white pudding, grilled tomato, home fries and baked beans. Your table is waiting. [Read more...]

Historical Society Book: Signs Of The Times

If you have driven around the Massapequa area, you have most likely noticed a series of elaborate, wrought-iron signs adorning the sides of the road, denoting a significant footnote in history. Those signs are made possible by the direct work of the Massapequa Historical Society and their never-ending quest to keep the importance of yesteryear alive in the hearts and minds of those here today.


George Kirchmann, Trustee and past Vice-President of the Massapequa Society proudly poses with his book
Photo by Chris Boyle

There are currently a total of 15 historical marker signs in existence; the first was put up in 1985, as the people running the society thought that there should be some indication of what was deemed historical, as so many things had been torn down over the years in the name of “progress,” according to George Kirchmann, Trustee and past Vice-President of the Historical Society. [Read more...]

10th Annual FARE Allergy Walk

In January 2013, two year old Kylie Rose Restaino of Massapequa Park was diagnosed with potentially life-threatening food allergies to tree nuts. Kylie’s mother, Christine, couldn’t help but be fearful for her daughter’s safety.


Kylie Rose Restaino is all smiles in her FARE T-shirt.
(Photo courtesy of Christine Restaino)

“I live in constant fear that she will eat the wrong thing and I won’t be able to save her,” said Restaino. “I feel as if I am grieving for something; for the loss of the naïve, carefree feeling that Kylie should experience growing up,” continued Restaino of her child’s life that is now consumed by yearly allergy testing and constant possession of her Epi-pens. [Read more...]

Marjorie Post Park Goes To The Dogs


Dedicated owners and their dogs set out to begin the walk in the pouring rain. (Photos by Cynthia Paulis)

Driving rain and cold temperatures could not keep Long Islanders from coming out to support the first annual DogFest Walk ‘n Roll, a fundraiser for Canine Companions for Independence. Held for the first time at Marjorie Post Park in Massapequa, dogs of all breeds and sizes came with their humans with one goal in mind; to raise funds for CCI.

Massapequa resident and event organizer Yvonne Dagger, past president and now board member, discussed the importance of the event. [Read more...]

M.H.S. Cracks Down On Security


(L to R) Seniors Danielle Bianco, Alexandra Dillon and Nelson Gomez show off their ID cards. (Photos by Chris Boyle)

With the spectra of violence in our schools seemingly an ever-present threat – and a devastating reality for some – it’s a given that each tragic incident that makes the news these days forces schools to take a long, hard look at how effectively they are protecting their own students.

Massapequa High School is no exception. At of the beginning of the 2014-2015 school year, the district implemented new measures in the form of highly-visible student identification cards and more restrictive exits and entryways at their campus to complement the solid security program already in place, according to Superintendent Lucille F. Iconis. [Read more...]

All In The Family: Great Grapes


Wine barrels being aged inside the facility.
(Photos courtesy of A&P Grape Distributors)

On a clear, breezy day, you might catch the scent of fresh grape juice in the air if you are near the corner of Hicksville Road and Boundary Avenue. That delightful smell is courtesy of A&P Grape Distributors, a third generation owned family business.

“We’re kind of ingrained in the neighborhood,” said Brooklyn-born owner Pete Pagano, who has called Massapequa Park home for over 25 years, along with his wife, son and daughter. [Read more...]

LI Arts Festival


Lori Horowitz (right) with Massapequa resident Beth Magazzo
(Photo by Cynthia Paulis)

The month of October has been dedicated to the arts. Studio 5404, a not for profit art space located on Merrick Road in Massapequa introduced its beautiful studio and upcoming events to the public.

The art studio, which opened in June 2013 and is the first of the south shore, has featured many local artists. The studio has even caught the eye of local politicians Assemblyman Saladino and Legislator Michael Venditto, who have stopped by and given a citation to owner and artist Lori Horowitz for her extraordinary efforts of bringing art and culture to the south shore. [Read more...]

National School Bus Safety Week

Educational Bus Transportation, a leader in student transportation throughout Nassau County and western Suffolk County, is advocating for safety awareness during National School Bus Safety WeSchool Bus Safety Week photoek, Oct. 20– 24. The theme of this year’s industry-wide public education campaign, “At My Stop, You Stop,” highlights the need for motorists to exercise caution near school bus stops.

Timothy Flood, Executive Vice President of The Trans Group, the parent company of Educational Bus Transportation, emphasized the importance of school bus safety education. [Read more...]