A New Art Technique

Fourth-grade art students at Birch Lane Elementary School made warm and cool webs, which they then arranged to learn about balance and composition.
(Photo courtesy of Massapequa School District)

Art students at Birch Lane Elementary School in the Massapequa School District learned about the difference between warm colors and cool colors by creating three-dimensional projects.

Led by teacher Nicole Hassell, fourth-graders used weaving and looming techniques to make webs with construction paper. Students could choose to make warm webs with strips of red, orange and yellow paper, or cool webs with shades of green, blue and purple.

In two rows of boxes on the floor made from masking tape, students carefully arranged their webs. By mixing the warm and cool colors just right, the young artists learned about balance and composition. Ms. Hassell said the purpose of the project was to teach them a new technique that built off of the art skills they have learned in the past. The webs created by all fourth-grade students will be used for a larger art project to hang in the lobby.

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